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Our technologies

How do we tackle the toughest optimization problems ?

Mathematical Modeling

Our strong academic background in Operations Research (O.R.) and Applied Mathematics allows us to grasp your problem in mathematical terms and to prototype the solution approach using Combinatorial Optimization. A good problem formulation is key to ensure the relevance of the solution.

Crossing Technologies

We combine multiple optimization methodologies and several technologies (Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Machine Learning, etc.) and we tune algorithmic strategies to suit your specific problem. A tailored methodology is key to ensure the performance of the solution.

Generic Software Modules

We design in advance generic and resilient application modules that can be adapted to any specific business case or any evolution of your problem by associating them intelligently. A generic software toolbox is key to ensure the promptness of the solution.

Seamless Integration

We offer an agile, secured, and cost-effective integration: our optimization solvers are cloud-based and accessible from anywhere, anytime. We design and develop simple and refined communication protocols to offer to our partners a relentless top-notch quality of service.

A solution for everybody

We provide a great variety of powerful products and services based on optimization intelligence such as powerful solvers, tailored Apps, and state-of-the-art optimization techniques and tools.