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Excellence of Research, agility of SaaS

Our know-how in mathematical modeling, enhanced by a combination of methodologies and customized algorithmic strategies, make us capable of offering agile solutions, with outstanding quality, and unmatched performance.

A solution for everybody

Software Editors

Enhance your software product with tailored SaaS optimization modules.

Domain Experts

Improve your business process with a tailored optimization application.


Use top-notch open source optimization softwares.

Software Editors

Perfectly suitable solutions

Thanks to tailored modules get relevant solutions with unrivaled performance on your specific problem.

 Optimization technologies for Software products or Software-As-A-Service


Benefit from state-of-the-art optimization technologies as if you had dozens of in-house R&D experts in optimization.

 Software Scientists to solve complex optimization solvers

Seamless integration

Access to advanced cloud-based solvers via APIs with refined communication protocols. Discover how our user interface works.

 Cloud optimization tools via APIs

Domain Experts

Perfectly suited

Stop being limited by existing softwares capabilities and get relevant solutions with unrivaled performance on your specific problem.

 SaaS optimization applications

Fast time-to-market

Benefit from state-of-the-art optimization technologies in a few weeks thanks to our powerful process innovation.

 Mathematical optimization at the service of domain experts"

Low capital expenditure

Access to advanced cloud-based solvers with negligible capital investment and ensure fast ROI. Discover our use cases !

 Cloud-based solvers: fast ROI


Easy to use

Thanks to a disruptive framework making advanced tools customizable and available at the modeling language level.

 Coluna: generic optimization framework

Open Source

Benefit from state-of-the-art optimization technologies. Access to Coluna.jl, the first open source generic optimization framework offering decomposition methods in mathematical optimization.

 Open source optimization software

Qualified support

Get qualified support and trainings from Operations Research experts and significantly improve your profits.

 Prescriptive analytics data

Solve your most complex optimization problems