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Maintaining and operating large-scale complex telecom networks must rely on data-centric optimization intelligence to achieve profitability while guaranteeing the best quality of service.


  • Pressure on profit margins due to major operating expenses and stiff competition.
  • Ensuring the best quality of service and complying with SLAs and client priorities despite urgent interventions.
  • Explosive growth of connected devices due to IoT and 5G that will generate trillions of new data sources.


  • Systemic and high-level data-driven decision support
  • Robust optimization to face random events
  • Agile solutions that can be re-optimized dynamically
  • Traffic dispatch optimization
  • Proactive planning of interventions
  • Increased operations efficiency
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Outperform quality of service

Use cases

Coverage Quality Routing

Arc routing to assess coverage quality of the network in an area.

Roaming Dispatch Optimization

Yield management for optimized dispatch of traffic when users cross a border.

Aerial Network Design

Strategic design of the network of aerials minimizing costs while ensuring high quality coverage.

In practice

Arc Routing Vehicle Routing Inventory Routing Pickup-and-Delivery Planning Aerial Positioning Network Design Maintenance Planning Workforce Scheduling Operations Scheduling Yield Management