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Security operations optimization provides far more than improved operational efficiency. Advanced optimization techniques are able to include randomization and probabilities to ensure secured operations management.


  • Unpredictability by nature on the cause-side and consequently by necessity on the patrol-side.
  • Anticipation on the best measures to take, with the right properties, at the right time, and the right place.
  • Reactivity to face in real time any event.


  • Probability-based resource assignment
  • Systemic and high-level data-driven decision support
  • Robust solutions to face random events
  • Synergies in using resources (workforce & machines)
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Agile solutions that can be re-optimized dynamically

Use cases

Probability-based Patrol Routing

Patrol routing according to crime probability.

Randomized Goods-sensitive Routing

Building random routes to ensure security of sensitive transportation.

Interventions Robust Planning

Robust planning for interventions, taking into account urgencies and uncertainties.

In practice

Vehicle Routing Inventory Routing Pickup-and-Delivery Planning Multimodal Routing Freight Consolidation Sensitive Network Design Depot Location Design Distribution Network Design Inventory Positioning Workforce Scheduling