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Human Resources

Who to assign on which task, when, and where, to optimize efficiency while smoothing workload and complying with regulation? Decision support tools based on optimization offer fast and relevant workforce scheduling solutions.


  • Complexity due to a lot of constraints (both soft and strict) coming from employers needs, employees skills…
  • Volatility of the workload in some business areas due to seasonality, emergencies and uncertainties.
  • Fairness of the decisions to comply with labor regulation and fairness among employees.


  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Smoothing workload
  • Resource assignment optimization
  • Optimized inventory
  • Team sizing
  • Systemic and high-level data-driven decision support
  • Robust solutions to face random events
  • Balancing operations

Use cases

Nurse Scheduling

Robust planning for workforce scheduling with both strict and flexible constraints.

In practice

Workforce Scheduling Operations Scheduling Machine Scheduling Workforce Positioning Workforce Assignment Team Sizing