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Healthcare workflow optimization is critical to ensure a safe and efficient healthcare pathway. Robust and dynamic planning tools provide great solutions for scarce resources management (bed, equipment, workforce,…).


  • Pressure on the resources due to limited capacity and equipment & skills scarcity.
  • Volatility of the workload due to emergencies and uncertainty on the stay duration.
  • Fairness of the decisions to comply with public regulation and health equality.


  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Smoothing workload
  • Resource assignment optimization
  • Optimized inventory
  • Systemic and high-level data-driven decision support
  • Robust solutions to face random events
  • Balancing operations
  • Synergies in using resources (workforce, machines, infrastructures)

Use cases

Healthcare Transportation Routing

Dynamic routing of patient transportation.

Bed Assignment Planning

Bed management robust planning, creating synergies and improving healthcare pathway.

Nurse Scheduling

Robust planning for workforce scheduling with both strict and flexible constraints.

In practice

Vehicle Routing Inventory Routing Pickup-and-Delivery Planning Multimodal Routing Multi-passenger Consolidation Supply Chain Network Design Depot Location Design Inventory Positioning Supply Planning Team Sizing Workforce Scheduling Operations Scheduling Machine Scheduling