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Field Services

On-site interventions management requires workforce optimization tools which handle simultaneously the scheduling, the routing and the time-tabling. Only systemic and global optimization can cope with this complexity and provide best-in-class solutions.


  • Matching the right team due to the particularity of each intervention that requires specific skills and equipments.
  • Uncertainty on service duration due to the variety of interventions and the possibility of random events.
  • Ensuring the best quality of service and complying with SLAs and client priorities despite urgent interventions.


  • Robust optimization to face random events
  • Agile solutions that can be re-optimized dynamically
  • Proactive planning of interventions
  • Increased operations efficiency
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Outperform quality of service

Use cases

Maintenance Routing

Integrated planning and routing of maintenance teams with stochastic optimization.

Home Care Planning

Planning home care visits handling « human constraints » like relationship stability between the practitioner and the patient.

Travelling Salesman Problem

Salesmen routing with prize-collecting and dynamic planning.

In practice

Vehicle Routing Inventory Routing Pickup-and-Delivery Planning Maintenance Routing Interventions Planning Workforce Scheduling Maintenance Planning