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The large infrastructures and related costs in the energy sector imply significant and highly complex optimization decisions at strategic, tactical and operational levels in order to operate and maintain efficiently.


  • Momentum of decisions due to fixed-costs involved in the launch of a product line and opportunity costs of an interruption of the production.
  • Inventory management due to supply & demand volatility and inventory costs and perishableness.
  • Environment-friendly infrastructures and supplies.


  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Synchronized production
  • Blending optimization
  • Optimized inventory
  • Systemic and high-level data-driven decision support
  • Robust solutions to face random events
  • Cut production costs
  • Synergies in using resources (workforce & machines)

Use cases

Inventory Routing Problem

Vendor managed inventory with proactive replenishment routing.

Blending Problem

Mixing optimization for chemicals and petroleum production.

Maintenance Planning

Robust planning for prescriptive maintenance of infrastructures and machines.

In practice

Vehicle Routing Inventory Routing Pickup-and-Delivery Planning Production Planning Supply Planning Supply Chain Network Design Depot Location Design Distribution Network Design Inventory Positioning Maintenance Planning 3D Packing Workforce Scheduling Machine Scheduling