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Vehicle Routing Optimization

Select the best network routes for your ressources to accomplish a set of tasks is an optimization question that arises in many industrial contexts. It is known as the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) which outputs the optimal set of routes for a given fleet of vehicles to visit a given set of customers.

Much more than building routes, you might need to optimize the size of the fleet or to locate the depots in the network (strategic optimization), to plan and assign your drivers on a specific vehicle for the next week or month (tactical optimization), to re-organize the routes and the order of the visits (operational optimization), and to follow-up the deployment and manage random events (real-time optimization).

At Atoptima, we handle the whole complexity of your Vehicle Routing Problem, including all the varieties of the VRP: combining pickups and deliveries in the same route (Pickup-and-Delivery Problem), managing transit points and inventories (Inventory Routing Problem), and much more…

Our team has built an international credit for its works on the Vehicle Routing Problem, among others on exact methodologies and robustness of solutions.

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