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Operations Planning

Operations Planning involves finding the optimal assignment of operations to ressources over time to reach some specifications, while observing problem constraints.

Optimizing the planning of operations implies much more than building schedules: you might need to select and size the resources or to design the facility (strategic optimization), to plan and assign your resources on a specific equipment for the next week or month (tactical optimization), to re-organize the timeline (operational optimization), and to follow-up the deployment and manage random events (real-time optimization).

At Atoptima, we handle the whole complexity of your Operations Planning Problem, including all the varieties: sequencing and scheduling of complex system, production planning, lot-sizing, time-tabling, and much moreā€¦

Our team has built an international credit for its works on Operations Planning Problems, among others on Capacitated Lot Sizing, on Multi-Period Parallel Machine Scheduling, and Robust Planning under uncertainties.