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Integrated Planning and Routing

The integration of Planning & Routing decisions involves finding in a synchronized and simultaneous way the optimal sequence of operations over time and the optimal routes to cover the tasks in each planning period to reach the full specifications, while observing problem constraints.

Optimizing the planning and the routing in synergy leads to major opportunities for improvement in your operational efficiency. To the question « what should I do? », integrated planning & routing answers both on the « when? » and the « where ». You can then get a full vision on what resource you should assign, when you should assign it, and where you should assign it; and the ability to mix the long-term vision (strategic optimization) with the mid-term (tactical optimization), the short-term (operational optimization) and the ongoing (real-time optimization).

At Atoptima, integrating several levels of decisions is part of our DNA. That’s why we achieve both unrivaled results and relevance on highly complex optimization problems.

Our team has built an international credit for its works on Multi-Period Planning & Routing Problems and optimization decomposition methodologies to handle several decision layers and create synergies.

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