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Yield Management

Maximize your margins and get strategic insights thanks to mathematical optimization.
Make the best decisions on load balancing and allocation while taking advantage of
threshold effect and complying with all the constraints.

 Yield management solution for freight forwarding

Prescriptive analytics for better flows allocation

Beyond predictive approaches

Automate and improve load distribution flows in a robust and dynamic way with high added value decision support tools. Beyond methods based on historical data and producing statistics, probabilities or an estimation of future results, Atoptima uses combinatorial optimization to output a decision.

A significant improvement of operational margins

Optimize your load distribution

Find the best allocation of your resources thanks to optimization technologies and prescriptive analytics, and significantly reduce your operational costs while complying with your business constraints. KPIs observed on real problems that can vary from a problem to another:

-30 to -60%

operational costs

<1 min

computation time

3 weeks

app setup time

 Container loading optimization algorithm

Get ahead to optimization!

Get even more productivity with systemic optimization integrating upstream and downstream operations.

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