Vehicle Routing: complex cases

Optimize your transportation plan with tools that meet your real challenges.

Our systemic approach enables to handle just as much first and last mile optimization as LTL (Less Than Truckload) at the regional level and FTL (Full Truck Load) at the international level with a multiple days planning.

A rich modeling considering all your constraints

Solve your most complex routing problems

Atoptima has built international credit for its scientific works on Rich Vehicle Routing Problems (RVRP), and tackles its most complex varieties (e.g. Multi-echelon routing, multimodality, reverse logistics…).

Capacitated Vehicle Routing
Problem with Time Windows (CVRPTW)
Pickup-and-delivery Problem (PDP)
Inventory Routing Problem (IRP)
Arc Routing Problem (ARP)

Access the most advanced features on the market

Benefit from significant room for improvement

Towards process automation

Automate your routes planning with powerful decision support tools at the service of human experts: from the tactical to the operational level, the same App enables to simulate various scenarios and organize your transport operations.

Reduction of costs
- 30 %
Filling rate
95 %
Calculation time
a few seconds
Time to setup the App
3 weeks

N.B. KPIs observed on real problems. They can vary from a problem to another.

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