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Intralogistics and Warehouse Management

Optimize order assignment and order preparation in synergy.

Enhance your Warehouse Management System (WMS) and your Order Management System (OMS) with optimization features.

A systemic optimization at the service of operational excellence

Boost your warehouse automation

Combine orchestration of orders, slotting, assignment of missions to pickers (batching) and picking routes in synergy thanks to Atoptima’s tailored optimization engines.

Picker Routing Problem including Congestion
Order Batching & Picking Problem
Picking with Precedence

Benefit from major optimization gains

Enhance your efficiency

Synchronize your multi-warehouse operations and reduce your order preparation time while improving pickers' quality of work. KPIs observed on real problems that can vary from a problem to another:


preparation time


size of catalog's products

30 sec

computation time

 Resource scheduling optimization software to improve production planning

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