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Assembled Apps

Switch to a more global approach for major productivity gains. Your operations planning should be optimized by synchronizing different levels of the decision chain to finally
combine performance, relevance and consistency. By eliminating siloed decisions, benefit from end-to-end synergy effects.

 Synergies between routes planning, stock management, order preparation, staff planning

Systemic optimization: the only approach that
meets your real field challenges

Towards a global vision

Get away from the hierarchical and siloed decision-making model. Adopt a holistic approach that creates synergies by taking interdependent decisions simultaneously. As a result, consistency between the stages of the decision chain and between short and long-term visions and a significant improvement in operational performance. On top of these benefits, you will access an integrated suite of highly scalable tools to enhance efficiency, intelligence and agility.

Synchronization and process optimization

Major productivity gains thanks to synergies

Take into account upstream and downstream operations in your decision-making process: macroscopic decisions are the most economically impactful. Adopt Atoptima’s systemic optimization technologies for your large-scale and complex problems. KPIs observed on real problems that can vary from a problem to another:

-25 to -60%

operational costs

<1 min

computation time

4 weeks

app setup time

 End-to-end integrated supply chain solution

Get ahead to optimization!

Get even more productivity with systemic optimization integrating different decision layers.

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