Loading and packing optimization

Decisions of loads allocation and their positioning optimization are key in operational excellence.

Automate load distribution between different resources in synergy with 2D/3D items positioning.

A global approach for comprehensive and high added value solutions

Tackle your most complex problems

Atoptima has built international credit for the decomposition technologies, praised by the international community as being the best for modeling load distribution and positioning problems (e.g. Palletizing, truck loading, cargo loading…).

Bin Packing Problem (BPP)
2D/3D Bin Packing Problem
Vector Packing Problem (VPP)
Cutting Stock Problem (CSP)

Access the most advanced features on the market

Benefit from the most advanced technologies

Do more and better, with less

Minimize the use of resources while ensuring load smoothing and respecting business constraints and restrictions thanks to optimization intelligence.

Reduction of use of resources
- 30 %
Filling rate
95 %
Calculation time
a few seconds
Time to setup the App
3 weeks

N.B. KPIs observed on real problems. They can vary from a problem to another.

Want to link your loading plan with your upstream and downstream operations?