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Powered by Atoptima

The designation « Powered by ATOPTIMA » indicates that you are using an optimization solver of unique and internationally recognized quality, performance and reliability. You benefit from proprietary solvers, a guarantee of a sustainable independence and scalability.

« Powered by ATOPTIMA » is a marketing tool made available to you, showcasing the uniqueness of the underlying solver and your « best-of-breed » technological approach.

This designation and its associated logo are designed to be co-branded when you incorporate Atoptima technology into products or services you design and sell, reinforcing and promoting our respective brands.

 Cloud optimization solvers in SaaS

Why should you adopt it?

+25 years scientific expertise

In Operations Research and mathematical optimization at the world's leading institutes (MIT, Ecole Polytechnique, University of Cambridge, UFF/UFPB, Inria, CNRS...).

Disruptive technologies

At the state-of-the-art, with an intense ongoing R&D effort via collaborations with the academic world (scientific publications, thesis, open-source platform).

Unmatched quality & performance

Demonstrated by scientific benchmarks on real field data sets (10% higher solution quality than market solvers, and 40x faster computing time).

Scalable solutions

Proven in a wide variety of applications with world-renowned customers (CMA CGM, Boston Consulting Group, Air Liquide).

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