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Palletization, Loading & Routing

The company is a leader in the distribution of goods and delivers 140,000 orders per year with a fleet of 60 vehicles. Discover the full testimony.


Costs savings

< 1 min

Computation time

6 weeks

App setup time

After a first experience with a routing optimisation solution of the market, we realised that our real need was not just optimising delivery routes, but to ensure consistency between the different layers of the decision chain: order preparation, use of transport equipments, truck loading, routes synchronisation, and assignment of drivers to different rotations. At this stage, we have been able to estimate that this project will allow us to reduce our transportation costs by 15% to 20%.

Edouard Imbault-Huart, Logistics Director, Logtran

Company’s Challenge

The company had previously put in place a routing optimization solution with a service provider, but it was only offering an approximate modelling of the truck loading constraints. The operational result was unsatisfactory, as the routes often proved to be unfeasible. Challenging the system in place made it possible:

  • To design in synergy palletization, loading and routing;
  • To take into account the constraints of volume consolidation and weight distribution while separating the order numbers;
  • To minimize the traveled distances and the routes duration while respecting time windows;
  • To fairly distribute the loads over the floor area while grouping the parcels with the same order numbers.

Solution provided

Atoptima’s solution is now deployed in production to the customer greatest satisfaction, happy to see that all aspects of his problem are now processed and optimized: parcel preparation, routing, truck loading and assignment of drivers to different rotations (with breaks taken into account).

The company is now able to deliver the best quality of service to its customers thanks to better filling rates and reduced traveled routes.