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Last mile - Multi-trips & reverse logistics

The company is a collective catering organization realizing multiple daily trips in urban areas.


Reduction of the fleet

80 to 90%

Filling rate

<1 min

Computation time

« By integrating Atoptima's decision support tool, we have been able to ensure our deliveries, reducing the size of our fleet by 33% thanks to the optimization of our truck filling rates and by realizing several rotations within the same morning. Our initial challenge was to resize our fleet to cope with the extra weight of reusable containers and organize the reverse logistics for their pickup. Thanks to this better use of our existing fleet, we have been able to accommodate this new organization without increasing its size. »

Sophie Sauvourel, CEO, Papillote et Compagnie

Company’s Challenge

Handling urban logistics for meal distribution and collection of reusable containers, taking into account seasonality (school vacation period) and challenges such as:

  • Each vehicle does a series of several trips in the morning with returns to the depot.
  • Optimization of deliveries with multiple time window options.
  • Detailed modeling of access times and service times (different equipment depending on the vehicle, such as ramps and tailgates).
  • Integrate delivery and reverse logistics of meal containers.
  • Simulate the impact of the introduction of new vehicles.

Solution provided

By automating complex and time-consuming tasks, the decision support tool provides a complete delivery planning in seconds, while guaranteeing the best possible solution.

The application solver has made it possible to significantly increase the filling rate (up to 90%), thus reducing the number of vehicles needed by 33%.

Scenario simulations allowed to provide significant answers on the interest of modifying the nature of the fleet to offer a more efficient and virtuous service.