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About Atoptima

We are a DeepTech software editor offering powerful optimization modules for operations
(vehicle routing, loading and packing, operations planning & scheduling…).

Coming from the academic world with strong industrial collaborations in various business areas,
we observed the gap between what academic research is able to deliver and what is currently
in use in the industry. That’s why we aim to provide tailored technological tools for the most
complex optimization problems, in order to do more and better while consuming less.

Based on prescriptive analytics and mathematical optimization, our solutions significantly
improve decision-making, relying on more than 25 years of experience in Operations
at the MIT, the University of Cambridge, the Inria and the CNRS.

Our designation « Powered by ATOPTIMA » indicates that our clients are using
an optimization solver of unique and internationally recognized quality, performance and reliability.

 Synergies between routes planning, stock management, order preparation, staff planning

Core values


Our technologies rely on 25 years of scientific background to bring the most qualitative and disruptive solutions to our clients and partners. The excellence of Research combined with the agility of the Software-As-A-Service!


We want to have a real impact on the socio-economic world through technology; this is part of our DNA. We gather passionate people with the desire to make our know-how useful for society.


We make DeepTech accessible by providing ergonomic user interfaces with a seamless integration. Our technologies are meant to be scalable, intuitive and business oriented.


We aim to « do more and better while consuming less » to insure a more sustainable growth. Together in targeting a better use of resources thanks to optimization intelligence!

Our certifications


Winner of the i-Lab Prize 2021: best value creating technology arising from DeepTech startups.


DeepTech certification from Bpifrance: disruptive technology and strong R&D efforts.


Certification from the French government: Atoptima’s clients can benefit from a tax credit.


Top 20 startups combining growth and impact by the French Tech Bordeaux.

The Managing Team

François Vanderbeck

Scientific Director & CEO

François has been leading Operations Research projects for 25 years, with many industrial collaborations in various business areas. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Louvain (UCL).

He was Lecturer at the University of Cambridge in Engineering and later became full professor at the University of Bordeaux.

He founded the research team in Combinatorial Optimization at Inria Bordeaux, which he headed for 12 years. He has published pioneering papers in major international journals and conferences.

He organised the International Symposium on Mathematical Programming in 2018 with 2 000 attendees, first to be held in France. He served as Vice-President of ROADEF (French Operations Research Society) in 2014.

François Vanderbeck

Adrien Duruisseau

Chief Operating Officer

Adrien graduated in corporate strategy and finance from emlyon business school and holds a dual degree in international affairs from Sciences Po.

He has some international experience in strategy and financial consulting on large projects in energy and supply chain.

Following which, he held several positions of project manager in the e-commerce area (working at both Amazon Europe HQ & Cdiscount).

Adrien Duruisseau

Vitor Nesello

Chief Product Officer

Vitor graduated in industrial engineering from the Universidade Federal da Paraíba (Brazil) and in Operations Research from the University of Bordeaux.

He was the winner of the prize of the best undergraduate work of the Brazilian Operations Research conference. He was enrolled in the Inria research team in Combinatorial Optimization at the University of Bordeaux.

He has extensive technological expertise in algorithmics, software engineering, programming languages, operating systems, databases, networks, computer science, web technologies, graphical user interfaces.

Vitor Nesello

Our partners

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